Euphony records is an independent label in the true sense of the word. What makes us unique is that we are willing to go far and beyond that extra mile that it takes to make all the difference in accomplishing realistic goals. We have all the means and resources to take your songs in their infant state and shaping them into fully produced, mastered CDs, shrink wrapped and ready for the shelf at your favourite retail outlet. Our digital department will also prepare your music and artwork for digital distribution and download at all of the major digital download music stores such as itunes, napster and amazon. Our song writers, musicians, arrangers, engineers and producers are among the worlds finest and if this is not enough, our talent data base stretches across three continents, providing us with virtually unlimited resources. We also have excellent and very creative graphic designers who produce professional, eye catching art work which is so necessary in making one album stand out above the rest in todays competitive environment. Our professional pre and post production services also exceed all expectation. Rest assured then that your music and career will be in the safe hands of those with great ears at Euphony Records.

All music production related enquiries can be directed to this department by filling out this simple form. Thank you.

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