Our moto here at Euphony Records is, "DO THE JOB."

If it is ethical to do and within our means to do it, then we must get it done. We also believe that if the job is to be done at all, then it must be done with integrity. It is no secret that one artist after another has been ripped off by the music industry, many once famous, are now broken hearted, discouraged and living below the poverty line. This is a crying shame and simply should never be. If you are one such artist searching for renewal and looking to sign a new deal with a label that truely has your best interest at heart, we invite you to come, let's negotiate. We understand that music is your livelihood, that it is also ours and that together we can partner to create a win/win situation to where we can all be happy. We understand that making music is fun but that it is never any fun when you can't pay the bills. So ......you eat, we eat, you get to do what you love doing most and your fans get to enjoy the great music you make. It is our goal to to help you, the artist, become all that you envision yourself to be. Our invitation is of course, also extended to all other unsigned artists too. Please read the FAQ page to take the next step but first read on. We are not out to sign an unlimited number of artists in the hope that one in ten might be a success. It is our goal to make every artist a success story. Remember this is a partnership. We are willing to make great sacrifices in order to make you a success but on one condition only. You must be free of drugs and alcohol. This is one sacrifice that will be required of you in order for you to become a member of our team. We are confident that a sober team is a winning team. It is no secret that the music business is one that is high risk. Of course we know that there are exceptions to the rule but we do all that we can to minimize that risk. To sum it up in a nut shell then...... A farmer must plough, plant, water and nourish his crop before he can reap the harvest. So we too can, if we will .....plough the fields of opportunity, sew seeds of integrity through music, nourish fans through all possible mediums and then we will reap the harvest of our labors.


The Euphony Records Team