Our marketing division is very up to date with modern marketing techniques and all possible avenues are exploited to expose our artists to the public. In addition to traditional marketing methods, we continue to explore new avenues, as well as utilize the internet as a very powerful medium to generate online music sales. Through our brilliant B2B system we are able to provide our business partners including radio stations, T.V channels, publications and news media, access password keys that allow them to unlock our databases and access pre-release information such as press kits, MP3's and other important B2B data. We are also able to provide merchandising for our artists at rock bottom prices due to our world wide partnerships with factories that produce custom items such as Button Pins, Base Ball Caps, T-Shirts, Musical Instruments and a host of other products that are sold to generate further revenues for our artists.

All marketing and merchandising related enquiries can be directed to this department by filling out this simple form. Thank you.

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