Our goal at Euphony is to promote good, wholesome and positive music. Dance music provides a great avenue for people to have a great time. Unfortunately so much of todays dance music seems so be set almost solely on selling sex, rather than the wholesome fun and joy that can come through enjoyable dancing. Are you writing dance tunes that are modest and uplifiting? If so we would like to hear them.

If you would like to submit your dance tunes to Euphony for consideration please ensure that the lyrics are not sexual or sensual, that they do not promote drug or alcohol consumption and that they do not contain profanity of any kind. We are not into promoting porn either so please don't submit anything like it.

Please also read our FAQ section to be sure you get all the details covering the submission process.

All dance music related enquiries can be directed to this department by filling out this simple form. Thank you.

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