The development of this dynamic and enthusiastic independent has taken years of hard work as well as careful and strategic planning. Euphony ....."the acoustic effect produced by words so formed or combined as to please the ear," is at the very heart of this company. We believe that music is one of the most powerful mediums affecting our daily lives. People often wonder why it is that they just don't feel quite right.......The music we listen to WILL affect us one way or the other. Seriously there anything positive to be found in profanity, blasphemy, drunkenness, drug addiction, adultery, murder, hate, anger and the likes? Yet our culture is permeated with songs and music that provoke, entice, encourage, glamorize and promote such negativity. The Euphony team is here to influence the music world for good. We know that there are wonderfully talented artists across the globe writing songs and composing music that is very sincere, uplifting and positive and we intend to promote them. We feel to do all that we can to diffuse this wave of negativity that is found in many genres of music today. We are not a strictly "christian" record label as such but appeal to good people everywhere to become a part of who we are and what we represent. If you are a positive individual, ready to make a positive contribution to society, we welcome you and invite you to become associated with Euphony.